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Returns Policy

Refunds and exchanges

All our products are handmade and specifically tailored for each customer so that we can offer a perfect fit for every client. In order to satisfy all clients, in case of mistakes in the products, we will send a new suit/shirt with appropriate modifications. The San Francisco Tailor won’t refund the paid amount in any case.
The situation under which The San Francisco Tailor will send a new product are:
• The chosen fabric doesn’t match with the received garment (differences due to screen effects are not considered in this section, fabric color can vary between 5-10%)
• Suit configuration doesn’t match with your order.
• The measure used on your tailor-made product do not correspond to the profile measure that you provided
Since our garments are handmade, measurements may have certain tolerance.
This measure variation is not considered as a return reason since this can be solved. In that cases, The San Francisco Tailor offers $50 in adjustments for all our tailored suits ($25 in pants or jackets).
Customer has to bear in mind that measures introduced in their profile are body measures (not clothes measures). Based on those measures and the garment, our tailor will determine your measures. Therefore, body measures cannot be compared with garment measures in order to identify possible deviations.
The wrong suit/shirt must be returned before the new order is sent again, this is because our incidences team has to be able to check the wrong order.

Shipment and delivery time

The San Francisco Tailor guarantees the garment tailoring in 8 days. The carrier contracted by the customer through The San Francisco estimate the delivery time in 5-7 days so your order should arrive in 13-15 days.
However, The San Francisco Tailor cannot be responsible for possible shipment delays since shipment are made by third parties.
The San Francisco Tailor sub-contracts carriers and, therefore, when the package is in charge of the carrier the only information we can have is the one appeared in the carrier website (introducing the given tracking number).
In situations, events or circumstances beyond our control, when the customer is not available at home, shipment delays, human/mechanical/technical errors, nature actions or customs procedures* is understood that The San Francisco Tailor is not responsible for any liability.
All purchases made in The San Francisco Tailor include a shipment contract. When the order is in carrier’s hands, carrier is the responsible of it.

Order modifications/cancellations

Order modifications include changes in style, measures or fabric and add or remove order ítems. These modifications will not be allowed if your order is already being tailored or sewed by our tailors.
If you want to modify/cancel your order, contact us and we will inform you about your order status and the possibility to modify/cancel it.
An unpaid order will be deleted from our database after 30 days.